Feb 21, 2009

Super Saturday

The girls and I spent some time making bread the other day and it was such a great reminder to slow down, enjoy the process, and then - enjoy the rewards!

I have a Betty Crocker recipe book (gotta love the classics!) and I've made some of the things in it so many times it looks like I've mashed parts of the end products into the pages...but as long as I can follow the easy instructions, there will be homemade goodies to share. It might be time for me to make some scanned copies of the banana bread recipe though, I'm just sayin...

DSCF1916 DSCF1909
I highly recommend this kind of therapeutic endeavor. My work and travel schedule have been so crazy lately that I'm beginning to forget how to wind down. This was a very welcome reminder.

Shhh - bears are rising

We used the time in while waiting for the dough to rise to talk about the chemistry of yeast and warm liquids and what air does to dough. Homeschooling has taught us that absolutely everything is a learning opportunity.

Bread Bears

I love that the girls are always open to try new things...


Bulbous Bread Bears

Umm, unfortunately though, in my photo chronicling, I wasn't quite quick enough with the camera for the "after" shots...clearly we enjoyed them.


For more kitchen therapy and delicious inspiration, go see what Sharon and Nancy made - Yum!