Nov 2, 2008

To Everything There is a Season

...and at least one "thing" this season appears to be Knit Sweaters!

I've read a lot about what others will be doing this month - some will be focused on a month of daily blogging; others will tackle a novel; and still others will start and finish, or reclaim from the WIP pile a sweater of their choosing (NaKniSweMo on Ravelry).

I was chatting with my knit buddy lunabella today about my recent itch to join the masses and cast on a sweater as well. I love the idea of a hand knit sweater. Heck - last year I even finished one...

CPH - Front Closure

But the fact is, I've already got a pullover style top that's been haunting my WIP basket for months - no exaggeration. That's right - my Jaden is still unfinished.

Jaden WIP Jaden WIP

In my rational mind - separating the fronts of a sweater and giving it a neckline should really not give me this much pause, but sadly I have found about 17, 000 excuses not to continue knitting on this project. I love the yarn and the color, and the style will suit me even better now that I've shed a few pounds (more on that in another post). So why the stalemate??? Believe me, it's not for lack of knitting mojo - I found plenty of stitching time over the last couple months to finish things for the Craft Show and to even begin and get most of way through these:

Girlfriend Socks

The shame of it is, I can't blame this UFO on a lack of time either. Since I last wrote here, I have taken 2 5-hour plane trips to the west coast and spent 9 days away from home mostly alone at a conference - including a 4 hour train ride each way. Uh huh. No excuse. Even a cumbersome project like a pullover could have been stuffed into my carry-on any number of times.

So maybe National Knit a Sweater Month will be my motivation. I can certainly use something long-sleeved and girly in my wardrobe over the next couple months, all that's left now is the knitting.

How about you? Are you taking on any of the November challenges?