Jul 21, 2008

It's Cold Out There Somewhere

Go ahead...call me a lazy knitter, I can take it.

Clapotis 4 - Pattern Close Up
Yarn - Plymouth Sunsette, Color 111, 5 3/4 balls
Needle - US Size 8 KnitPicks Harmony Wood needles

I'm not ashamed to admit that I cast on this 4th Clapotis for two primary reasons

1 - I can now almost knit this pattern in my sleep (and what with the benefit of that particular kind of multitasking I find such an idea very appealing)

2 - The yarn spoke to me and said that it wanted to be a buttery soft, drapey, subtle but stylish elongated wrap for multi-season wear.

Clapotis 4 - All West Indians pose like this
Mods: Removed 1 increase repeat, 2 straight repeats, and 1 decrease repeat
The "Rule of Fifths" post on Ravelry was a huge help in re-sizing this

Okay. So it didn't actually SAY that. But it did shout a resounding "H-E-double-hockey-sticks NO!" to the other 17 things I cast on with it. So my go-to pattern of choice won by default.

I'm not too mad about that...

Clapotis 4 - Close Up
Mother of Pearl Shawl Pin from SnokistFarmGirl on Etsy

Clapotis 4 - Scarf Style

Besides...according to my Ravelry trolling, this is nowhere near pattern addiction. The wonderful Kimberly (aka somebunnyslove) just finished her 14th Clapotis earlier this year. [ravelry link]. I'm not sure I'll squeeze that many out of my own stash...but then again...

Summer is here in all it's blaze and glory (and bug biting splendor). I hope you're finding time to get your daily dose!

A bientot!