Apr 17, 2008

That's a Wrap!

Many many thanks to those of you who commented and sent me email encouragement along with great suggestions as to how to complete my Cozy wrap/shawl. I went with the idea of using the 2nd ball of slightly lighter colored yarn for some edging. I chose a simple ruffled crochet edge that I found at Crochet Pattern Central. It's just 3 triple crochets in each of the single crochets around the edge, with several extras done in the corners. You've just got to love crochet for the way it absolutely devours your stash yarn!

Since this is not for me, I only included one full-on modeled shot here. Enjoy, and thanks again!

Cozy Close Up Feather Lace
Cozy Wrong Side Cozy in the breeze Cozy - Crochet Edging
Cozy Wrap Finished