Sep 30, 2007

Second Time Around

You know how they say that a younger sibling can sometimes pick things up more quickly because of trying to keep up with their older sibling?

Well it's true...

We now have 2 mini biker chicks in the family. Mizan is pushing off and pedaling on her own, and I couldn't be happier. I was pretty proud last night when hubby said to the girls "Who knew mommy would be the one to teach you both how to ride?? This is great!"
Yes, yes it is :)

Bike Chicks 093007 008

In knit news, I have taken startitis to a whole new level of crazy. I have 4 projects on the needles now, and none of them - not a one - is "blowing my hair back" (props to
Tanya for a perfectly fitting phrase). Not sure what it is; just the inevitable slump I suppose.

I had a nice small group knit at my house today. Just what I needed, some long overdue girl time. I really enjoy the little tidbits that I pick up from my knit buddies - and let's face it, can you have too much time with an intelligent bunch of people who totally "get" your obsession? I don't think so.

This gorgeous Goddess FO by Sarah did spark some total knit envy though
. Um, it's cashmere, the color is divine, and it's modeled so well, what's not to love?

Sarah's Goddess FO

So...Any thoughts on how to get myself jazzed about my current works in progress? I'm sure I don't need to cast on another single thing, lest the UFO's stifle me in my sleep - I just need to get re-excited about what's already been begun. Shout me out in the comments!